Grown Again Coppice Crafts  is a small business on the Lancashire/Cumbria border run by woodsman & nature conservationist Duncan Goulder. I make my living from the woods through the sustainable management of the woodlands, traditional craft work, and by running courses to help people connect with nature and woodland culture.

My work includes:

  • Woodland craft work, using traditional ancient skills & hand tools to make sustainable and ethical products from green wood such as spoons, bowls, tool handles, bark baskets, gates, fences, besom (birch) brooms, walking sticks & more…
  • Teaching:
    • traditional woodcraft skills
    • bushcraft / natural camp-craft
    • nature awareness & observation
  • Contract work in sustainable woodland management
  • Ecological survey and recording work

Much of my woodland work centres around an 8,000 year old sustainable woodland management technique called coppicing, which ensures that the trees I fell grow back the following year with multiple stems (hence the name “Grown Again…”). During the regrowth phase they provide important habitat for some rare species of plants and butterflies that can only survive in areas where these ‘regenerating’ trees are a key component of the woodland ecosystem.