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I run courses in greenwood crafts, bushcraft and nature connection/awareness. If you don’t see what you are looking for below, just drop me a line as I can often tailor a course for you or your group.

Please note that my ‘bushcraft’ courses are designed to be totally un-macho and they have nothing to do with ‘prepping’ or ‘survival’. In fact, I’m actually looking for an alternative term to describe them, as unlike many other bushcraft courses, I strongly discourage utilitarian attitudes to the natural environment. My courses are about using true craft skills and knowledge of the natural world to increase our receptiveness to its lessons. Learning to participate in nature wholly yet sensitively and with the utmost respect for the ecosystem of which we are a part is the core theme of all of these courses.

For this reason I keep my maximum instructor to student ratio low.

Please note that I have now moved away from running ‘off-the-shelf’ courses. All of my courses are now created ‘bespoke’ so that I can cover your interests in more detail. I can offer one-on-one tuition in specific skills, or cater for a small group. I am hoping that in this way my courses will appeal more to people who have a genuine interest in learning to live in greater sympathy with nature during the time they spend outdoors.

If you are interested in this training please message me with your requirements.

Here is an example of a series of courses I ran for the Rusland Horizons Project, Cumbria.


This course covered the basic skills and knowledge required to begin to fully immerse in nature, interacting as a ‘participant’ rather than an ‘observer’ when spending time in the natural environment.

The course was designed to equip participants to spend extended periods in the outdoors with reduced reliance on expensive technical equipment that really only serves as a barrier between you and nature in order to keep you comfortable.

With knowledge and experience, the natural world can provide everything we need to live comfortably in the outdoors, allowing you to really absorb and become one with the real physical world around you.

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